Soap Challenge Club Dancing Funnel Soap

Even after watching Amy Warden’s great instructional videos,  and reading about Tatsiana Serko beautiful soap  making, studying and printing the material I just miss things. Ha Ha!   So much creativity and grace in Tatsiana’s soap making process and in her blog.  I’m not graceful so,  I had to figure out… yes, those are not  different sized dots dancing in the Dancing Funnel … More Soap Challenge Club Dancing Funnel Soap

Soap Dough May 2017

Soap Dough Challenge May 2017 Amy Wardens soap challenge for the month of May 2017 is learning how to create home made soap dough. For this challenge we had the honor of having a wonderfully skilled and technically amazing teacher Titaina Serko of Creative Soaps by Steso.   Thank you also to the sponsors and … More Soap Dough May 2017

Melt and Pour and Cold Process Soap

I really love making soap and learning from other wonderful soap makers 🙂   The February 2017 soap challenge documented here is to make soap using  two types of soap processes,  (CP)soap method,  and melt and pour (MP) soap.  Thank you Amy Warden  for doing this challenge and for the expertise that you provide in your tutorials! Recipe for the cold process … More Melt and Pour and Cold Process Soap

Sandhill Cranes

I have been blessed with living in south Florida this year where sand hill cranes rule the neighborhood.   They are amazing birds to watch, they mate for life and since they are giant birds their playful dances are a joy to watch. They sing!!! and I love to here them talk and sing and yes it … More Sandhill Cranes

Sculpted Soap Challenge

My name is Lisa Rapp and this is my first Amy Warden’s soap challenge and first blog.  I got the inspiration for this  soap from Claudia Carpenters “Sunrise” soap and used a watercolor painting as the design.  I posted my soap in the wrong place on Face book and called it Sunshine Lavender Soap. I made three batches of … More Sculpted Soap Challenge